It’s time the oil industry got smart about its messaging

Smart agriculture movement offers the perfect template: it's about building trust with consumers by telling stories about good – and improving – practices

It’s time the oil industry got smart about its messagingFirst there was precision agriculture. Then came decision ag. Now there’s smart ag. These terms describe fundamental changes in agriculture to better produce crops or livestock. It’s all about maximizing yield while minimizing costs and environmental impact. They include everything from predictive analytics and digital technologies to soil management and crop protection strategies. Autonomous tractors. Bio-fertilizers. Variable rate inputs for applying…

The end of economics (as we know it)

Monetarism’s failings are giving rise to the new economy of wellbeing

The end of economics (as we know it)The world is changing. And while many of these changes are obvious, such as the revolution in technology or the tectonic shifts in world politics, there are also significant changes taking place in the ideas that underpin the science of economics. Why do these ideas matter? They matter because economics is a foundational science. The…
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